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In Remembrance

The number of fatalities we have listed is printed under each era. Some of these don't have all the information and may be missing details such as date, name, unit of the deceased or location of the fatality. If you can provide any missing details please contact the ISPA.

Due to the expanding list as research continues it has been decided to break the list into era's. A complete list in Excel form is available. The criteria of the names being added is simple. They have died during training in Australia prior to operational service, whilst on duty or overseas in a capacity considered non-warlike such as humanitarian aid. Basically those not killed in action, on operational service or while peacekeeping.

This is the reason why you will find details of accidents happening in Australia during the wars. These can be found on the Australian War Memorials Honour Roll.

The ISPA is in the process of trying to establish a national memorial in Canberra for those killed in peacetime service and training.

1901 to 1930 Remembrance Roll

15 recorded

updated 04/03/10

1931 to 1960 Remembrance Roll

313 recorded

updated 04/03/10

1961 to 1990 Remembrance Roll

243 recorded

updated 10/02/10

1991 to 2020

84 recorded

updated 04/03/10